Chemistry: Acid-Base Titration

The objective of this experiment were: a) to review the concept of
simple acid-base reactions; b) to review the stoichiometric calculations
involved in chemical reactions; c) to review the basic lab procedure of a
titration and introduce the student to the concept of a primary standard and the
process of standardization; d) to review the calculations involving chemical
solutions; e) to help the student improve his/her lab technique.

Titration was used to study acid-base neutralization reaction
quantitatively. In acid-base titration experiment, a solution of accurately KHP
concentration was added gradually to another solution of NaOH concentration
until the chemical ...

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H+ ion) and
strong base ( contained OH ) were 100% ionized in water and they were all
strong electrolytes. Procedure:

Part A. Investigating solid NaOH for use as a possible primary standard First of
all, The weight of a weighting paper was measured in analytical balance, then
added two pellets of NaOH and reweighed the total amount of those. At the end of
the lab, reweighed the combination and recorded all results in the lab manual.

Part B. Preparation and standardization of a solution of sodium hydroxide A
clean beaker, burette, three 250ml Erlenmeyer flasks, and florence flask were
rinsed by soap and distilled water. Poured 1.40g of NaOH into florence flask and
added 350ml distilled water, then swirl it and inverted flask five times with
parafilm on the top of it. Next, obtained a vial of KHP from the instructor, and
poured about 0.408g into three different Erlenmeyer flasks by measuring with
analytical balance. Then, filled up about 25ml of distilled water, added 3 ...

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