Continental Drift Notes

Adrian Clamonte
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Evidence of continental drift

* Continents were one joined together , but drifted
* Coast of continents can aligned
* Regions of some continents that are far apart have similar rocks, mountain ranges, fossils, patterns of pale glaciation
* Sea floor spreading provides a mechanism for continental drift
* Continents attached to tectonic plates (huge slabs of rock)
* Tectonic plates carry continents with them as they move across earth's surface
* Fossils matched
* Paleoglaciation : the extent of ancient glaciers and rock markings left behind
* Coal deposits in Antarctica
* Volcanoes and ...

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Layers: atmosphere, lithosphere
* Tectonic plates coverage = forming mountains
* Tectonic plates diverge = forming rifts on land, ridges in ocean
* Tectonic plates slides past at transform boundary building up pressure= earthquakes
* Tectonic plate boundaries / geological hot spots where magma is coming up the earth's crust = volcanoes

Tectonic plates

* Outer layer: several large plates
* Crust/ upper mantle: plates form lithospehere (12 major plates and many smaller ones)
* Oceanic plates contains dense rock basalt
* Continental plates contain granite

The crust

* Outer most layer
* Made from solid, brittle rock
* Thickness and type of rock varies in different parts of the crust
* Continental crust made from a lighter type of rock called granite and can be thick as 70 km
* Oceanic crust is made from a dense, dark rock called basalt and can be thick as 10 km

The ...

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