Dwight David Eisenhower

The taste of victory was fresh and sweet to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Just about a year ago, he sat in the drawing room of his Georgetown home
and spoke breezily about the office he would assume. "Sure it's a big job,"
he said. "But I don't know anybody who can do it any better than I can. I'm
going to be in it for four years. It isn't going to be so bad. you've got
time to think -- and besides, the pay is pretty good."

One year later, on a cool, grey day, the 35th President of the United
States sat at his desk in the oval office of the White House and discussed
the same subject. "This job is interesting," he said in that combination of
Irish slur and broad Bostonese that has become ...

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showed the difference in attitude and tone that twelve months in the White
House have worked on John F. Kennedy.

Jack Kennedy -- Man of the Year for 1961 -- had passionately sought
the presidency. The closeness of his victory did not disturb him; he took
over the office with a youth-can-do-anything sort of self-confidence. He
learned better; but learn he did. And in so doing he not only made 1961 the
most endlessly interesting and exciting presidential year within recent
memory; he also made the process of his growing up to be President a saving
factor for the U.S. in the cold war.

Kennedy has always had a way with the people -- a presence that fits
many moods, a style that swings with grace from high formality to almost
prankish casualness, a quick charm, the patience to listen, a sure social
touch, an interest in knowledge and a greed for facts, a zest for play
matched by a passion for work. Today his personal popularity compares
favorably with such popular heroes ...

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Now everyone in
Washington knows who Jack is: he is the man at the other end of the line.

At 44, Kennedy's weight remains steady at 175 lbs. He has few more
grey hairs or wrinkles of care than when he took office -- but he somehow
looks older and more mature. Indeed he is older -- but in a way that the
mere month-by-month passage of time could not have made him.

Less Than Omnipotent. Kennedy has come to realize that national and
international issues look much different from the President's chair than
from a candidate's rostrum. There are fewer certainties, and far more
complexities. "We must face problems which do not lend themselves to easy,
quick or permanent ...

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