From Village To City

Over the years of history, there have been many civilizations. We
will look at the earliest of all civilizations known to man. From Village
to City began in 8000BC and spanned all the way into 3000BC. Throughout
this report we will look at the 6 key features of this civilization as
outlined in our classroom discussions, and hope to convey what we have
learned in a useful, and interesting way.

The development of a city:

The first city to be built was Jericho, in the Middle East Map:
This map is a picture of what the division of land would have looked like
in those times. Clearly identified here, it is possible to see Babylon, Ur,
and Eridu. c Microsoft Encarta '95. (Appendix 1). ...

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deposits often risked
their lives to collect it and eventually barter it off for food or money.
Obsidian comes from volcanoes and was a kind of glass, the only of the
times. The value of Obsidian was great, and so therefore was the supply and
demand. Salt, ore, copper, and soapstone were accepted trade materials
around 8000BC. Most of the Village to City civilization took place during
the copper age, when copper was mined and used for many purposes. Trade
developed between different cities, Jericho, Sumer, Adab, Eridu, Isin, Kish,
Kullab, Lagash, Larsa, Nippur and Ur. Most of the trade consisted of
livestock and other things such as weapons and food.
Sumerians constructed large temples called Ziggurats. These temples
were the focal point of religious activities in towns. They were made of
sun-dried mud bricks that eroded easily. Not many of these remain today.
Near 4000BC, urban societies included, farmers, herders, merchants,
artisans, priests, debtors, creditors ...

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the use of gender roles. However, there were certain
roles that were male only, such as hunter and farmer, and other that were
designated for females; namingly cooking and cleaning. Class structure
developed as the cities grew larger. Leaders and civil authority were in a
higher class than that of the regular citizens. In this time period also
there was slavery. Slaves, to which later became more commonly known as

Development of Writing:

Cuneus: Given above is some text which has been written in the form of
Cuneus. It is engraved in a stonetablet as they had not discovered paper. c
Microsoft Encarta '95. (Appendix 2).

The first form of writing known, was cuneiform. ...

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