History Of The World

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WORLD, HISTORY OF THE (Introduction)
WORLD, HISTORY OF THE. People have probably lived on the earth about 2
million years. But the story of world history begins only about 5,500
years ago with the invention of writing. The period before people began to
write is usually called prehistory.

Archaeologists have pieced together the story of prehistory by studying
what the people left behind, including artwork, tools, ruins of buildings,
fossils, and even their own skeletons. Such objects provide the main
evidence of what prehistoric people were like and how they lived. For a
description of life in prehistoric times, see the Information ...

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by peoples through the ages.

The development of agriculture about 9,000 B.C. brought about a great
revolution in human life. Prehistoric people who learned to farm no longer
had to roam in search of food. Instead, they could settle in one place.
Some of their settlements grew to become the world's first cities. People
in the cities learned new skills and developed specialized occupations.
Some became builders and craftworkers. Others became merchants and priests.
Eventually, systems of writing were invented. These developments gave rise
to the first civilizations.

For hundreds of years, the earliest civilizations had little contact
with one another and so developed independently. The progress each
civilization made depended on the natural resources available to it and on
the inventiveness of its people. As time passed, civilizations advanced
and spread, and the world's population rose steadily. The peoples of
various civilizations began to exchange ideas and ...

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peoples. However far apart people may live
from one another, they are affected more and more by the same political and
economic changes. In some way, almost everyone can now be affected by a
war or a political crisis in a faraway land or by a rise in petroleum
prices in distant oil-producing countries. The separate cultures of the
world seem to be blending into a common world culture. Much of world
history is the story of the way different civilizations have come closer

For hundreds of thousands of years, prehistoric people lived by hunting,
fishing, and gathering wild plants. Even small groups of people had to
roam over large areas of land to find enough food. A ...

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