The Heart

You need your heart for all your body needs. It pumps about 2000
gallons of blood a day. It takes about 20 seconds for blood to reach every
cell in the body. An artery carries blood out from the heart. A vein carries
blood back to the heart. An average adult heart weighs about 10-13 ounces (300
to 350 grams). The rate which the heart pumps varies depending on what your
doing. When at rest the heart pumps more slowly. When you run the heart rate
increases to provide muscles and other tissues with additional oxygen they need.
The typical heart rate is 72 beats per minute. Each beat gives out 2-3 ounces
of blood pumped into the arterial system. At this heart rate it ...

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Treatments for the
Heart, Valves, and many Diseases.

The Three Layers of Muscle

The heart has three layers of a muscular wall. A thin layer of tissue,
the pericardium covers the outside, and another layer, the endocardium, lines
the inside. The myocardium is the middle layer and is the biggest of all.
Myocardial Infarction is a disease later read about in this report. The
pericardium is a fibrous sac which is very smooth lining. In the space space
between the pericardium and epicardium is a small amount of fluid. This fluid
makes the movement of the heart muscles smooth. Myocardium is the heart muscle


The right atrium is a low pressure pump that moves blood into the right
ventricle through the tricuspid valve. The atria are the two upper chambers of
the heart. The right atrium receives blood from the veins which is low in
oxygen and high in carbon dioxide; this blood is then transferred to the right
lower chamber, or right ventricle, ...

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are two valves that prevent backflow of blood from
the ventricles into the atria. On the right side of the heart is the tricuspid
valve, composed of three flaps of tissue; on the left is the two-piece mitral


Congenital Disorders

Range of minor to serious congenital disorders are very evident at or
shortly after birth.

Ventricular Septal Defect

Ventricular Septal Defect is most common for heart malformation. An
infant born with a defect has an opening between the lower chambers (ventricles)
of its heart so there is an increased blood flow from the left side to the
right side because the left side has more pressure than right side. The lungs
at this ...

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