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It was May of 2013 and my over sized innocent heart had just then fathomed the negative results of vulnerability. That afternoon on a seemingly perfect Sunday, I was alarmed to see my older sister rushing into our house. Her unstable limbs and distressed face had made their way up the main ...

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I Love Sports

ENGL-1302 01 October Sports I love sports, it's like an addiction I have. I watch mostly all sports, I'm into a little bit of everything. You want to know what I love most about sports? I love the competitiveness it has, I also love how anything can happen in the last few seconds. It's like ...

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Edgar Allan Poe

Meghan Woody Mrs. Start English 3 Period 7 13 March 2015 Edgar Allan Poe Poe was the father of the short stories, a shining fictional theorist, an unpredictable genius, and an expert of human obsession. From 1835 until his death, he was arguably the main protagonist in the story of the ...

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