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Lord of the Flies

When Ralph and the other boys are rescued from the island at the end of the book the first feeling is that it’s all over. All the trauma and horrific events that happened on the island end the moment the naval officer turns up to take them home, and Ralph no longer has to endure the hate and ...

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The Lord of the Flies Conch Shell

The conch symbolizes order and power. Ralph and Piggy discover the conch shell on the beach at the start of the novel and use it to summon the boys together after the crash separates them. Used in this capacity, the conch shell becomes a powerful symbol of civilization and order in the novel. The ...

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The Purpose of Governement

The Purpose of Government For as many United States citizens, there will be equally as many theories and philosophies concerning the purpose of our government. For as long as there is freedom of speech, there will always be high school teenagers shouting “Anarchy!” and neo-Nazis attempting to ...

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Black Plague

History essay - The plague (Black Death) How was the plague of 1346-1353 viewed by the people of medieval England? What were the short and long term effects of the plague on British society? In 1346-1353, a plague struck England and Europe, and according to an Arab legend “The whole world ...

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Contrasting Ralph & Jack

In the novel The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph and Jack are two characters with similar beliefs but are unable to develop a true friendship due to their differences which only allows for a rivalry between each other. Both boys assert their authoritarian qualities when in a position ...

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LOTF Paper: Civilization vs. Savagery

Jenni Ocampo Tieman English II (Accel) 6/8 14 February 2014 Civilization vs. Savagery "Civilization has nothing to offer a man once he has become a savage." These wise words said by Bill Atkinson, are very true. The quote is saying how civilization has no meaning when there's no ...

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