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Seneca vertaling de tranquilitate

3. HET BELANG VAN ONTSPANNING (De Tranquillitate Animi XVII, 4-10) a. Onze geest moet ontspanning krijgen (4-5) 1 En niet moet de geest in dezelfde spanning op gelijke wijze vastgehouden worden, maar zij moet geroepen/verleid worden tot grappen/vermaak. Socrates schaamde zich niet om met ...

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About Funerals and the Influence of Traditional Ideas of Death

About Funerals and the Influence of Traditional Ideas of Death By Shine Sapphire Abstract: Different countries have different funeral customs, which will reflect the values of a nation. Typically, Chinese and western people hold two different ideas about death that are embodied in their ...

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Did Napoleon Regiment The Revolution Without Wholly Destroying It Or Not?

Further information: Napoleon and the Catholic Church Napoleon's baptism took place in Ajaccio on 21 July 1771; he was piously raised and received a Christian education; however, his teachers failed to give faith to the young boy.[163] As an adult, Napoleon was described as a "deist with ...

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The Good Life

Amber Anthony 12/2/13 Ethical Analysis The Good Life In this essay I will argue that the ways to living the `good life' are through a strong system of morals, ethics, and happiness. In order to live a good life, people who have wealth, love and fame have a duty to share them with ...

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Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Search For Meaning

Shakespeare's Hamlet is possibly one of the most commented on and criticized literary works in the academic world. The character of Hamlet, as A. C. Bradley says, 'has been the subject of more discussion than any other in the whole literature of the world.' (Bradley) There are many approaches and ...

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Comparing Hellenistic and Classical Greek Culture

Hellenistic culture is differentiated from the culture of Classical Greece (5th century B.C.) because of the unity of its people under the leadership of Alexander the Great. Classical Greek culture is manifested, meanwhile, by the emergence of tension between Athens and Sparta, as well as ...

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