Ancient Egyptians And The Norsemen: Creating The Past

Ancient Egyptians and Norsemen along with all other cultures
believe that the world and all that lies there in was created by a supreme
being or force. For most people faith alone is not enough to base their
very existence on; people want to know why, how, and all of the details.
It is only human nature for a person to be curious and want to know why
something happened the way it did. Curiosity is why the Egyptians and
Norsemen began to write or create myths and deities. Authors since the
beginning of time have written based on the inspiration of their lives and
surroundings, and that is exactly what the Egyptians and Norsemen did.
Authors form the time would gather information about ...

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Women could own land, buy and sell goods, make a will, and obtain a
divorce. In Egypt like in most other places only a small percentage of
boys and girls attended school, and they were from upper class families.
Most boys took on their fathers trade while the girls were taught by their
mothers the ways of wife and motherhood. Throughout most of history the
Egyptian government had kings that ruled Egypt, but around 1554 B.C. the
people began calling them pharaohs. Egyptians believed that every king was
the god Horus in human form, and that helped strengthen the king’s
authority. The position of king was passed to the eldest son or daughter,
if a son was not born, of the king’s chief wife. To aid the king in ruling
Ancient Egypt he divided the land into 42 provinces called nomes and
appointed a nomarch to govern each nome while he appointed viziers to help
him run the big picture. Most workers in Egypt were farm laborers, and
other people made their living in manufacturing, ...

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According to Pierre Montet
the world was created from nothing in “ a time when there was no sky, when
neither the earth, nor men nor gods existed, and when even death did not
exist ” (154). The main and most believed creation stories came from the 3
most important religious centers; Heliopolis, Memphis, and Hermopolis.
Each city was devoted to a different deity, and they rivaled each other
trying to show their own god originated creation (Cavendish 97). The
creation myth from Heliopolis acknowledges Atum as its sole creator, and it
is said that he rose out of the primeval waters, that formed from the
emptiness and nothing, along with a hill of land. Then to create offspring
Atum ...

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