Man's Attitude Towards Nature As Being Superior

As mans attitude towards nature evolved, western culture perceived man
as the central and most important part of nature. This egocentric attitude
has acted to the extreme detriment of nature. Yes, I believe this to be
true and I will prove it by looking at resourcism and speciesism.

Resourcism is the exploitation of the worlds resources. Our
consumption rate, especially in the western world, is overwhelming. In the
beginning, we were a hunter and gatherer society, perceiving man and
animals as equals. Everything was shared, there was no claims of ownership,
especially land. The two most significant events in our conquest of the
planet was the creation of agriculture and the ...

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curiosities, and even as
our selves. As commodities, we sell, buy and hunt animals. Fish are
considered to be a commodity, so are domesticated animals as well as some
wild animals. As curiosities, we have animals for entertainment. Zoos,
circuses, bullfights, marine land, etc. . The problem with this is the
animals are kept in cages and often have poor living conditions, they are
to some, being held captive. Many people would prefer watching them in
their natural habitats doing ...

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