Oh Boy

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Hinduism Hinduism was founded sometime between 1500 and 500 CE in the are of the Indus valley civilization. There is no individual founder and no names given to say who developed it. They are many gods in the religion of Hinduism. Many Hindu followers believe that one of the gods is the true god, this creates a division in Hinduism, Vaishnavaism and Shivaism. People who follow Vaishnavaism believe that Vishnu is the one true god and people who follow Shivasim believe that Shiva is the one true god. Yet there are many sects that worship both gods. Over eighty percent of Hindu people worship the Lord Vishnu. One out of six people in the world is a Hindu. ...

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things, good things will happen to you. If you do negative things, negative things will happen to you. Hindus also believe that the cow is sacred. The cow represents their life and all other animals. They also regard the cow as sacred because it gives and gives but only takes grass and grain. Not all of the Hindu people are vegetarian, they are given the freedom to make their own decisions. Hinduism claims over 793,076,000 people, which is 13.7% of the world's population. Most of the Hindus are concentrated mainly in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The Hindu purpose is basically to learn all that they can from this life so that they can pass their knowledge to the spiritual world. Taoism The founder of Taoism is Lao-Tse, which lived between 604-531 BCE. Taoism began as a combination of philosophy and psychology but was later turned into a state religion in 440 CE. Lao-Tse was later established as a deity. In 1911, support for Taoism had disappeared and with the communist victory in ...

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about 500 CE or earlier. The Shinto people believe in nature deities, Buddha was regarded as one of these deities. There was a divine couple, Izanagi and Izanami who gave birth to the Japanese Islands. Their children became the deities of the various Japanese clans. The Sun Goddess is regarded as the chief deity. There are "four affirmations" in Shinto. Tradition and Family, Love of Nature, Physical Cleanliness and Matsuri. Matsuri is a festival that honors the dead. Shinto is divided into three different forms. Jinja, which is the original form of Shinto. The Emperor of Japan was worshipped as a living god. Kyoha, which is further divided into thirteen sects. Lastly, Folk Shinto is ...

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