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I Heard the Owl Call My Name Film Analysis

The 1973 Canadian film I Heard the Owl Call My Name offers a rare, balanced view of the long-term effects of colonization on Native North American culture. Directed by Daryl Duke, the film was based on a novel by Margaret Craven that depicts the experiences of a white vicar who is sent to a remote ...

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Book Recommendations For Young Readers

Annotated Bibliography: Books About Love: 1. Bernardo, Anilu. Loves Me, Loves Me Not. Houston, Texas: Pinata Books/Arts Publico Press, 1999. Loves Me, Loves Me Not features Maggie Castillo as the main character who is in love with Zach Sherwood. The books details her struggles to ...

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Homelessness In Chicago

Homelessness Why are there so many people who are homeless in the state of Chicago? What causes this and what can be done to correct this issue? Is the Federal Government doing anything at all about the homeless people in Chicago, and if so, what are they? What are the policies that have been ...

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Color-blindness and The Effects On Students Of Color

Color-blindness and the effects on students of color For years America has supported a culture in which those who enjoy racial privilege unconsciously ignore the unique experiences of others. Many experience racial "colorblindness", which is the idea that ignoring or overlooking racial and ...

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