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Book Suggestions For Young Women

Young people today face much more social problems than their parents ever did. Aside from the normal early adolescent issues such as "fitting in" with their peer group or living with divorce, they also have to face problems like drugs and violence. Even ten-year old girls are no longer immune to ...

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The Dhammapada and The Teachings of Buddha

The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha Introduction This book report is on The Dhammapada, which contains valuable teachings of Buddha. The Dhammapada contains 26 chapters with a total of 423 verses. The verses are a source of inspiration to ordinary people and highlight the moral values ...

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The Concept Of Religion

The Concept of Religion What is religion? Clearly, no one, simple definition can describe the numerous religions in the world. Personally, I believe religion is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, practices, and worship that centers on one supreme God or Deity. Typically, religion ...

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Divine Presence In Bonaventure's The Journey of the Mind to God

Bonaventure proposes that only through divine presence is the human mind capable of understanding the world. His argument, contained within Chapter Three of The Journey of the Mind to God, rests on two fundamental yet fallible presumptions: one, that God exists, and two, that the human mind is ...

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of India. Despite its modest size – slightly larger than the state of West Virginia – Sri Lanka has a population of about 20 million people, almost equal to the population of Texas. The island is rich in ...

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