What To Do?: Terrorism And The Media

What To Do?: Terrorism and the Media
Imagine you are a resident of Jerusalem, in the year 60 AD. You are taking
a walk throughout the marketplace doing your weekly shopping. You see a man
pull out a dagger and he yells ‘death to all Romans' and attacks a roman guard,
killing him in front of hundreds of spectators. The assassin quietly slips into
the crowd and is lost in a sea of people never to be found. The word of the
attack spreads and soon it is the talk of the town. Many more attacks on Romans
are made by the Sicarii and the Zealots. Sympathizers of the Romans slowly
disappear and their voices vanish from Jerusalem. The fear of terrorism grows
and Roman repression grows along ...

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nations through intimidation of the public and arousal of sympathy for the
social and political causes they espouse. Without widespread publicity,
terrorist acts can achieve neither of these effects" (Bandura, Albert qtd. In
Nacos 1). Terrorists need the news media to get the publicity, and the media is
a willing accomplice. The news media is an accessory to terrorism, and as such
they should develop a set of standards that will limit the terrorist ability to
get their message out to a large audience during terrorist situations; Also the
media should also point out police mistakes without over emphasizing them,
giving equal coverage to both sides of the issue.
Terrorism is the use of violence against innocents to bring about political
change through fear. It is a combination of indoctrination and drama. The
relationship between terrorism and the media is symbiotic. As terrorists
require widespread attention, the media needs news (Miller v-vi). Terrorism in
effect is ...

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do not want all the
information that they have gathered to be released, for fear of the publics
safety, and the security of their future actions. One motive of terrorists is
to sway the publics belief in police forces dealing with the terrorist incident.
For that reason the printing of damaging articles and stories requires some
restraint (Alexander 36). An example of the media needing restraint occurred on
April 30, 1980, when a group of Arab secessionists captured the Iranian embassy
in London. As the SWAT teams began to move in their biggest advantage was the
element of surprise. But, that was almost destroyed by a cameraman from British
ITV (Independent Television) who got past ...

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