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The Misconception Of Classical Music

“The term classical is confusing because it has so many different meanings. Many people take classical music to mean anything that is not rock, jazz, folk or popular music.” I used to have a firm belief in the previous statement. I used to believe that all Western Europe concert music not from ...

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Music And Censorship

In our society today, some musicians and their music drain and plague the moral and spiritual well-being of the people; therefore, censorship offers a necessary action that we must take to keep the world from becoming a land of decadence. The musicians lives are not examples for the children or ...

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Progression Of Music From The 1940's To The Present

The has seen extremes, it has been controversial at times, traditional at times and inspirational at times, but never have the American people turned away music in its entirety. There have been times when parents did not approve of the music that their children chose to listen to, but the ...

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Song Review: “Iris”

There are many love songs on the radio. Some sing of falling happily in love, some are written to be romantic. Then there are the ones of tragic love, ones where there isn’t a happy ending. “Iris” is one of those tragically romantic love songs. A person experiences the most wonderful feeling, ...

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Monteverdi’s Eighth Book Of Madrigals

“The madrigal had a special place in the career of Claudio Monteverdi”(Hanning 133). Monteverdi used this genre to make many stylistic changes from the late Renaissance to the early Baroque period. He went from using polyphonic vocal ensemble settings, to much more extravigant pieces that were ...

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Basquiat And Davis

Jazz has been an influence in many artist’s work, from painting to other forms of music. Jazz is an American music form that was developed from African-American work songs. The white man began to imitate them in the 1920’s and the music form caught on and became very popular. Two artists that were ...

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Porgy And Bess

symbolizes the end of the black musical tradition that flourished in the early part of this century. The play showed the height of white appropriation of what had previously been a black cultural form. All the creative talent backstage was white. This development had been occurring slowly, ...

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Music And Stress

During the first week of my self change project I monitored my stress levels and the way music effected the mental and physical aspects of stress. From monitoring this properly, I found that listening to music pleasing to me at the specifically different times I experienced stress did help reduce ...

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Importance Of Music In Society

Music plays an important part in society. Sometimes music can make us cheerful or gloomy. However, when I attended Blackville Middle School Welcome Back Dance, I departed with vivid, fun memories of listening and dancing to a variety of melodies. Come and take the journey down memory lane! The ...

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The Music Of Louis Armstrong

“Louis Armstrong was the epitome of jazz and always will be” (“Louis Armstrong Quotations” Np). This quote, by Duke Ellington, is the frank truth about Louis Armstrong. Jazz is a form of music that has been defining itself over the ages. This music form is one that has become an American ...

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The Conspiracy Behind The Beatles

The legendary band known as the Beatles got their start in 1957 as a skiffle band in Liverpool, England, playing in cellars and dive bars. Popular locally, they were discovered by record store owner Brian Epstein. (Celsi, 8) When the band became popular in the eyes of the world, the fab four ...

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The Beat Generation

was a generation of beat, down wanderers, who traveled the continent trying to find the answer to why we are here and what here is. Some of the founders, of this movement were Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, who then was under the name of William Lee, and Allen Ginsberg. The Beats rejected ...

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The Drums

INTRODUCTION The drum set is a relatively new instrument compared to other percussion instruments. are different from other instruments in a way, The drumset is constantly changing due to the demands of new music styles and advancements in technology. There are various types of drums, although ...

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Can Manufactured Bands Ever Be Classified As 'Good' Art? The Effect Of The Market On The Construction Of Music

Can Manufactured Bands Ever be Classified as 'Good' Art? The Effect of the Market Introduction Manufactured bands now make up a major percentage of chart music today, not least of them Take That, Boyzone, Bad Boys inc., East 17 and other all-boy pop bands. In this essay I would like to discuss ...

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Rap And Rock ‘n’ Roll

“History will repeat itself.” Many people believe that this quote is true, but for me, I think it is only partially correct. Wars will happen like in the past but now the wars will be different. We have more firepower now. The wars will end more quickly but with more structural and death. In ...

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The Music Of Generation X

Since the beginning of time the human beings have adored the soothing sounds of music. Music has affected the way people have behaved and dressed throughout different periods of time. Different groups have been formed based upon their preference in music. Take for an example in the music of ...

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Peoria Symphony Orchestra: A Regional Outlet For Classical Music In Contemporary Society

The Peoria Symphony Orchestra has provided classical music to central Illinois for over a century. Each year it presents a world-class program of music to large, diverse audiences. Such renowned soloists as Itzhack Perlman, Benny Goodman, and Jerry Hadley have played with the Symphony’s ...

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Adam Sandler's "What The Hell Happened To Me?": How Music Affects Culture

Adam Sandler's "What the Hell Happened to Me?": How Music Affects Culture This song means that culture affects how we grow up greater then most people think. I shows that when Adam Sandler was young, he was a well-rounded boy that liked to have fun. The song is also saying that our culture is ...

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New Orleans Jazz Band: Dag

"They have a word down South to describe the way you feel when your packed into a crowded dive at 1:00 AM, where the cigarette smoke is so thick it makes its own weather; and the waitress is slinging bourbon and Fritos while some bad-ass Jazz Funk band rocks the house as hard as Blue Ridge ...

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Many phans think ’s story begins at Nectar’s but their start can be traced back to the student lounges of the University of Vermont’s Redstone campus. Here is were freshman, Ernest Anastasio III (Trey) met sophomore, Jeff Holdsworth. They discovered that they had similar music tastes which ...

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Jerry Garcia And The Grateful Dead

Jerome John Garcia was born in 1942, in San Francisco's Mission District. His father, a spanish immigrant named Jose "Joe" Garcia, had been a jazz clarinetist and Dixieland bandleader in the thirties, and he named his new son after his favorite Broadway composer, Jerome Kern. In the spring of ...

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Positive Rap

Over the past decade, rap music has developed a bad reputation. It is viewed by many as offensive toward women. It is also said to promote both violence and the use of illegal drugs, which constitutes a negative impact on society. However, rap music does not do any of the above. It has a ...

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Eddie Vedder Is A Vampire

Although at first he may seem to be just your average angst ridden lead man for a popular rock and roll band, Eddie Vedder, the vocalist and lyricist for Pearl Jam, may very well be a vampire. Although it is impossible to tell, everything points to his being an immortal. An in depth analysis of ...

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Appearance Vs. Reality Of Modern Music Affect On Teenagers

In today's society the teenager has had more rights than ever before, along with these rights comes responsibility, independence and good judgment. All of those mentioned have been destroyed in many teenagers lives by these "Rock Stars". The modern teenager is exposed to many different things ...

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Being A Disc Jockey

Imagine a career that music fanatics everywhere would love to have. Imagine sitting in a sound room all day, talking calls from listeners and playing the music of one’s choice. Imagine interviewing your favorite musicians, and afterwards attending their concerts, including a tour backstage. The ...

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